Ways To Appreciate Teachers on Teacher’s Day

The World Teachers’ Day (October 5) is here again, and it is a day to, among other things, commend teachers for their role and to their role. It is an opportunity to lend some more credence to the ideals of the profession — by those in it and those that derive benefit from it, I mean, all of us. Everyone (including teachers themselves) can chip in a gesture for the teaching profession and its professionals.

In what ways therefore can teachers be appreciated to mark the World Teachers’ Day? Note that nothing here is binding or compulsory. Appreciation is like a freewill offering. You give it because you want to. But you should wish to do so for teachers because it is in most cases deserved.

Ways to Appreciate Teachers on World Teachers’ Day:


1. Write a short note of appreciation or, if you can, make a craft for your teacher with the inscription, ‘Happy Teachers’ Day.’

2. Have a one-on-one moment with your teacher to say a warm ‘Happy Teachers’ Day’ Let your words convey appreciation and gratitude.


3. Text or call the teacher of your child. Make him/her feel special by your message.

4. Pay a very brief visit to the school to show your appreciation in person. Whether you usually come to the school (to pick your child) or not, the teacher will appreciate the gesture.

5. Nothing wrong in getting a gift for the teacher of your child Again, no teacher has the right to demand anything from any parent, but will a gift freely and willingly given be appreciated by the teacher? Yes, it will.

6. You can make the gift about something that will enhance the teacher’s work or career.  A motivational or career-boosting book is a good one. Your child’s teacher will always remember you for it.

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