Holiday Project Work

Topic: COVID-19

Based on the questions below, write a proper essay on COVID-19.

  1. The origin/ how it came about?
  2. Where did the virus start from?
  3. What is the effect of the virus and the widespread that brought about the lockdown in almost every part of the world?
  4. How does it start, spread and kill?
  5. Institution of hospitals/labs, health care center to tackle /handle the effect of the spread
  6. How long the virus lasts in the human body when it is first contracted
  7. Government control over he spread
  8. The effect of the virus on the world economy
  9. Recovery damages caused by the virus till today
  10. Is COVID-19 real or fake?

Instructions: When preparing this project, make proper use of

i. diagrams

ii. cut outs

iii. citations

iv. tables

Bonus: Feel free to make a skit about COVID-19 (not more than 1 minute)

The best skit and essay will be featured on the EFEC blog and Instagram page

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