Early learning

Young children are full of curiosity and wonder about their world. They learn from everything that happens to them and around them; they do not separate their learning into different subjects and disciplines. In fact, they learn best when they:

  • are actively involved and interested
  • feel confident in themselves
  • have time and space to produce work of quality and depth
  • are encouraged to think for themselves so that they can learn to act independently

Our aim is to foster the curiosity and creativity of each child through fun, stimulating programs where children can play with ideas, ask questions, be involved in problem solving and actively engage in experiences.

Lower school

The success of our Lower School centers on creating the optimal foundation for each student’s educational journey. Each teacher is committed to fostering a love of learning and to delivering engaging academic instruction in a supportive and nurturing environment. Small class sizes and instructional groupings for literacy and math set our elementary school experience apart. Technology can be found at every level of the curriculum, expanding learning opportunities and encouraging problem-solving, systematic reasoning and collaboration.

Middle school

The Middle School, focuses on the social-emotional and academic growth unique to Middle School-age students. Our pupils emerge from the Middle School program with a clearer picture of their strengths and challenges and the strategies, both academic and personal, for pupils to employ for life success.

Our Junior school

The EFEC Junior School supports students to become active, flexible and responsible learners. Enquiry based learning maintains curiosity and promotes positive risk taking.
Our classroom and specialist teachers provide opportunities to learn by doing, take risks and apply new skills to ensure that every student is stimulated and challenged to achieve his/her best.
Learning is enhanced through the use of technologies such as SMARTBoards, video conferencing and other digital media as appropriate.

Our Senior school

The Senior College at EFEC is a rich, challenging and secure learning environment, which helps each student reach his/her her potential socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, creatively and academically. The students engage in a broad academic curriculum and are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of co-curricular activities.
The Senior Secondary curriculum prepares students for the WAESSC/NECO/ School and Higher School Certificates. It is taught by highly qualified and experienced subjects specialists.
The use of laptops enhances research and teamwork, preparing our students for tertiary education, a career and participation in a globally networked future. We implement positive psychology strategies to identify individual strengths and apply them by goal setting and reflection to ensure each student flourishes.