8 Useful Keys In JAMB

For students who are preparing for JAMB:

The use of 8 key without a mouse was introduced by JAMB to make this year 2021 CBT friendly for candidates

The 8 keys are;

1. A for choosing option A in response to questions

2. B – for choosing the B option.

3. C – represents option C.

4. D – for selecting option D.

5. P – represents the previous question.

6. N – is for next question.

7. S – is for submitting.

8. R – is for reverse.



This is to notify all 2021 JAMB candidates that you need to use 40secs on each question during your jamb exam

You can use this format below

ENGLISH=60 Questions=40 mins
2nd Subject=40 Questions=27 mins
3rd Subject=40 Questions=27 mins
4th Subject=40 Questions=26 mins
TOTAL of 120 mins=2 hrs

We have been receiving texts and calls from students about how JAMB grade their mark, now let me analyse it here for some students.

The four subjects are over 400
Now listen
Each subject is over 100%

Example: Chemistry is 40 questions and you get 30 questions correctly
It will be
30 X 100/40=75%

TIPS: Eligible students should study hard, Pray more. It’s not by how knowledgeable you are, but by how smart you are to tackle all the questions In space of 1hr:45MIN.

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